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American woman order drink for herself weird way tell worth first time date ashas

You must have often seen that if you are meeting a person for the first time, then he will talk about himself so much that you will get bored. Usually, people do this so that only on meeting for the first time (First Time Date Experience) you can understand that how much is asked in that person’s world and how famous he is. An American woman does the same thing, but her method is very different and quite strange (American Woman Weird way to tell her worth).

Sophia Franklin, who lives in America, is the host of Sofia Podcast. According to the Daily Star website, recently he has told a surprising thing through a video on Tiktok. This video has also been shared by Sofia on her Instagram which is becoming quite viral.

A woman does this while going on a date with a stranger
In the video, Sofia is giving dating advice to women. Sophia has told through the video that when she goes on a date with strangers for the first time, she definitely makes him realize that she is quite famous. She told- “When I go on a date with an unknown person, I go to the bathroom on the pretext in the middle and then after seeing the bartender for the money, I order a drink for myself in the name of a stranger. When that drink comes to my table, the person on the date with me understands that I have other people as options.”

People gave their feedback on Instagram
Let us tell you that more than 1 lakh people have seen this video on Instagram. One person commented and said – This is wrong but I will definitely try it. At the same time, a woman wrote in the comment – ​​Next time I will go on a date with my fiancé, I will do the same. One has even called such an act completely toxic. One even taunted the woman and said that due to her nature, she has to go on the first date many times, that is, because of this, no boy is liking her.

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