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American woman allergy from latex condom cause rashes on face after romance ashas

The human body is made in such a way that even due to small or strange things, we start getting allergic (Human Body Allergies). Many times we eat something wrong which leads to allergies or it is natural to be allergic due to air and water, but recently came to know about a woman who is allergic to condoms. Her allergy is so bad that after romance, she used to get red rash and rashes on her face (Woman get Rashes After Romance). But he found a way out by putting his mind.

Brianna Alexis, 26, from Texas, America, is a model and sexual health coach. Recently, he told such a thing about himself which has stunned everyone, due to which he is in a lot of discussion. According to the Daily Star report, Brianna told that when she was 18 years old, she had a relationship with her boyfriend for the first time. But that experience was very painful for her (Woman First Intimate Moment Experience).

woman allergic to latex condom 1

The woman was allergic to latex condoms. (symbolic photo)

Condom became trouble for Brianna
She told that she felt so much pain that she had to go to the hospital and she could not even walk properly. Apart from this, whenever he made a relationship, red rash (Woman breaks out in hives after romance) and rashes started on his face. After the breakup with that person till the age of 21, she was in a relationship with another person but she experienced the same. He went to the hospital to get his STD treated, but he didn’t have that problem either. Then they came to know that the problem is not in their partner, but in the condom used in them.

Allergic to latex condom
Brianna told that she gets allergic to using a condom made of latex (Woman Allergy from latex condom). She also did not want to reduce the romance with her partner but was also very worried about her allergies which was a very painful experience for her. Then he found a solution that changed his life. She told that she started using non-latex condoms instead of latex. These condoms are not made from latex material. Since then she has been able to romance easily, but at the same time she also told that there are disadvantages to using non latex condoms. It is more expensive in price and is also very thin, due to which it can break easily.

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