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These Symptoms Visible On The Skin Can Be A Sign Of Omicron, It Can Be Heavy To Ignore

The Omicron variant of Corona is causing havoc all over the world. So far more than 5000 cases of this dangerous variant have been reported in India. Even though it is less dangerous than the delta variant, but it is rapidly taking people under its control. According to an official UK report, the risk of hospitalization from this variant is 50-70 percent less than that of the delta variant.

However, experts say that the chances of getting seriously infected with this variant may be low, but taking it lightly like a cold can be life-threatening. According to experts, immediately contact the doctor if you see its symptoms.

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What are the early symptoms of Omicron
Let us inform that initially 4 main symptoms are seen in a person infected with Omicron. These include fatigue, joint pain, headache and chills. According to another study, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat or stinging in throat, loss of appetite, dry cough etc. also come under the category of symptoms of Omicron. Apart from this, patients infected with Omicron have told about some such symptoms, then they appear on your skin in case of infection. Let’s know about those symptoms…

Patients on ZOE Covid, a study app that analyzed symptoms reported by corona-infected patients, reported that they experienced skin rashes. Most of the infected patients told about three different types of skin problems, then they are as follows.

In this, raised marks appear on your body and it is very itchy. Generally raised spots and red spots appear on the skin. These spots can occur in any part of the body. Due to the problem of hives, itching starts from the palms and soles of the person. This itching can last for a few minutes or even for a few days. On seeing such symptoms, get the Kovid test done immediately.

Prickly Heat
This problem is also known as heat rash. In this, there are small pimples on your body and there is a slight prick in them. In a short time, they spread all over the body and itching starts in them. It can also cause swelling all over your body.

In the problem of sowing or chilblains, small, red spots appear on your body, which are very itchy. These usually appear on the feet and toes. Swelling can occur on the organ they affect. In such a situation, you should immediately contact the doctor and get your Kovid test done.

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